Electrical Maintenance Companies

Electrical Maintenance Companies

Melbourne is home to countless electrical maintenance companies, but none of them guarantee customer satisfaction like Premier Electrical Group. Servicing the greater Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas, our team of highly experienced and qualified electricians are experts in modern electrical practices. With customers being our highest priority, we aim to deliver quality workmanship and reliable advice to meet all your electrical needs.

We provide a range of commercial and residential services including scheduled maintenance, RCD testing, thermal imaging, distribution board and meter panel upgrades, full-home cabling installations, renovating existing electrical systems and routine electrical inspections.

As one of the leading electrical maintenance companies, we also specialise in electrical preventative maintenance services, tailored to maintain your business’ electrical system and prevent electrical emergencies. While we can often prevent them electrical emergencies can sometimes be out of our control, which is why we also provide 24/7 emergency services.

electrical maintenance companies

What is Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM) is the term used to refer to regularly scheduled maintenance checks conducted by electrical maintenance companies. Predominantly used for managing the electrical systems of commercial clients, the implementation of an EPM schedule is beneficial for improving safety, reducing repair costs, and preventing electrical malfunctions.

When electrical maintenance companies implement an EPM schedule, it is commonly tailored to suit the needs and convenience of the client. At Premier Electrical Group, we undertake our EPM services with a focus on durability, as we aim not only to prevent malfunctions but to extend the overall lifespan of your system. We strive to provide an outstanding customer experience to our clients, which is why we hire only the most efficient and trustworthy electricians.

Our Electrical Preventative Maintenance practices include thermal imaging, main switchboards and sub boards, switchgear, lighting, testing, and tagging, essential services, backup systems and generators, and cable inspections.

The Benefits

Improved Safety

By having your electrical system maintained periodically, you can minimise the chance of a potential electrical emergency. While they can range from minor to major, electrical emergencies have the potential to put you in harms way. By implementing an electrical maintenance schedule, you can reduce the possibility of an electrical emergency and potentially save a life.

Reduced Repair Costs

Electrical repairs can be expensive and time consuming, which is why electrical maintenance companies recommend regular preventative maintenance. By having your electrical system examined regularly, you can target minor electrical issues and prevent them from becoming major, costly repairs. With scheduled electrical repairs on a regular basis, your repairs will always be timely and cost-effective.

All electrical maintenance companies will tell you the importance of electrical preventative maintenance, but Premier Electrical Group will provide you with an EPM schedule tailored to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today on 1300 113 482 for your free consultation!