Industrial Electrical Services

Premier Electrical Group provides installation and maintenance for industrial equipment to customers throughout Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Our certified technicians are vastly  experienced with 3 phase electrical systems and PLC programming.
So, whether it’s a small repair work or a complex industrial installation, you can count on Premier Electrical Group to get it done, safely and affordably.

Some of our industrial electrical services include:

Repairing and maintaining your variable speed drives

When variable speed drives are down, the whole business is down. We can minimize your downtime by promptly repairing the speed drives.

Wiring your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Premier Electrical Group is your solution for efficient PLC wiring.

Managing industrial cables

When it comes to industrial cables, we can design a custom-made system that will perfectly fit your needs.

Installing, repairing, and maintaining heavy machinery

If you want to expand your business, increase your output, or maybe just need a small repair, we can do it. From installing the
latest machines to repairing or upgrading your existing ones, you Premier Electrical Group is here to provide you a quality service.

Industrial Electrician Melbourne